How to recover deleted contacts using InTouchApp

You often have deleted contacts on your phone for several reasons – lack of space, change in contact, switching phones or it may just be a plain simple mistake. Deleting that particular contact is often considered a permanent action that cannot be undone. Isn’t it?

Now, with that happening, imagine if one day you realize how important that particular deleted contact was and the urgency of the situation in retrieving it at that very moment. The immediate thought would be to sit, panic or grovel over it. Once that is over, you would travel worlds end to get it back. Oh! The pains of doing your best to just see that contact magically appear on your phone once again.

Avoiding the above chaos, InTouchApp users are always a step ahead. They already know it’s not that much big of a deal and all they do is follow these easy steps to recover their deleted contacts.

Here’s how easy it is to recover deleted contacts!


Steps to recover deleted contacts from phone. Use InTouchApp to recover deleted contacts from phone.


  1. Open from a PC or Mac browser
  2. Login to your InTouchApp account
  3. Click on the “Deleted” option in the top-left selection
  4. Click on the “LAST WEEK” option in front of “Undelete contacts”

Sit and wait as the process to undelete will now start. Your contacts will be made available on your phone after some time. The deleted contacts, once again appear on your phone in an organized manner.

Worrying over a deleted contact is out of the question now. All your important contacts required for professional or personal reasons will always be made available to you at your fingertips. We’ve always got your back and your phone contacts backed up!

Write to us in the comments below if you have any suggestions, requests or queries regarding the above feature. We are always happy to help!


  • Etienne Dufour

    Hey I just updated the software on my Nexus 5x and lost 50% of my contact. I looks like the phone came back to a status from a year ago.
    That’s really bad and I’m losing a lot of time adding the names back.
    Can you help ?

    • Sarang Lakare

      Hello Etienne, contacts are never lost on InTouch once they are backed up. Did you create a new account by mistake? If you have not verified your phone number before with us, then such things can happen. Please write to and we will get this sorted right away. Thanks!

  • Jabulani54

    Hi I have a problem finding my profile on the server, I always singned in with my google play profile, and it worked last time, without much of a hitch but now the app does not recognise my phone number as an existing account. I have now lost all of my phone numbers, and cannot log into my account. Please help

    • InTouchApp

      Hi ,
      Here is how to login via your email:

      1. Open InTouchApp and provide your phone number when prompted. You should receive an SMS and you can fill the code to verify your number.
      2. InTouchApp will not find your account and ask you if you were already using InTouchApp, choose “YES”
      3. You will now see option to login via email. Click on “Login by Email” and give your registered email address. You will receive a link on the registered email address. Once you click on the link, you will be automatically logged into InTouchApp on your phone.
      After step 3, your phone number will be associated with your account and you will not need to go through this process next time!


      On Fri, 6 Jan at 8:22 PM

  • Jabulani54

    Sorry but I did all that, there still seems to be a mix up, an I still miss quite a few contacts. I must add that I have quite a few back from my last housekeeping when I deleted them. I would really like my numbers back so that I can keep in touch with people. I checked to see if I was synced up before resetting my phone. It was all fine, now it isnt and stress levels rise.

    • InTouchApp

      Hi Disqus,
      Please try to sync manually there is an option ” Menu -> Sync Now ”


      On Fri, 6 Jan at 9:07 PM